Manufacturing & Research

Extensive production facilities include stainless steel and polythene blending vessels with capacities of up to 20,000 litres, and filling capabilities from 750ml to 1000 litres, prior to transfer to our finished goods warehouse.


Gard Chemicals operates under ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental certifications.


As part of our commitment to quality and innovation our company is constantly striving to improve upon existing product ranges and develop new ones.


We operate an in-house Technical and NPD Department which works closely with existing and prospective customers on new product development, thus ensuring we produce the right product for the job.

We are very proud of our dedicated research and development department, this enables us as a business to formulate and create new products fully dedicated to the rail industry.


The knowledge to create or even adapt existing products to suit the needs of an individual customer or prospect sets us aside in the market.


Internal and External meetings with raw material suppliers are crucial to ensuring we only formulate and manufacture with sustainable raw materials taking into account all through the process the environment and current legislation.


With ever changing regulations throughout the industry it remains imperative that we keep fully up to date in order to support our customer base.


We use the latest chemical technology to develop bespoke products to meet the exact requirements or to produce products to solve a problem, taking into account environmental regulatory issues.


The products we produce are subjected to more and more control as time goes by. As well as control of the chemicals, packaging is increasingly becoming subject to environmental legislation. Correct labelling and production of safety sheets are an essential part of the service we offer as well as giving advice on other compliance issues.


Technical Service

  • On Site Technical Guidance
  • UK Based Research and Development
  • Extensive Material Testing
  • On Site Product Evaluation

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